Where is Felicity right now...?

Global Exploration Summit 2019, Lisboa, Portugal

Three cheers for The Explorers Club who organised a completely epic three-day event in Lisbon last week celebrating Global Exploration, past, present and future. Speakers included the first and second people to reach the deepest point on Earth, the woman preparing to send a probe to explore a completely metal world (Psyche) and the man who holds the current record for the most space walks…and me (a highlight for many I am sure!). We also heard from Bertrand Piccard and Fabien Costeau, both with fascinating family legacy…and then Julian Lennon arrives…

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It was the event that just kept giving; after two very full days hearing everything from what it feels like to be lowered into a fiery pit of zillion-degree hell, to how it feels to discover a cave full of bones that disproved every theory in your branch of science … we learnt how to mummify a rabbit.

But perhaps what was especially great about GLEX was the opportunity for brilliant people from totally different disciplines to get to know each other (over endless glasses of free-flowing wine). We will probably never know precisely how many or how vital the projects that will come into being thanks to last week, but I’m sure they will be AMAZING!