Where is Felicity right now...?

Celebrating launch of Wild Women!

Couldn't be more chuffed to have a chapter of my book 'Alone in Antarctica' included in this new anthology of travel writing edited by Mariella Frostrup. Other authors include some of my all-time heroes; Gertrude Bell, Mary Wollstonecraft...as well as modern-day heroes like Lois Pryce, Junko Tabei and even some names I haven't come across before. The book is yet another demonstration that women have always been explorers and adventurers, we just don't celebrate them nearly often enough.

I went along to the book launch in London last night and met five of the other living contributors to the anthology; Christina Dodwell, Lois Pryce, Catherine Fairweather, Bella Pollen and Josie Dew.

Even if I wasn’t in it, this book would be a joy to own. It will certainly sit proudly on my bookshelf at home ready to be used anytime I am in need of some extra motivation.
You can buy the book from Waterstones at: https://www.waterstones.com/book/wild-women/mariella-frostrup/9781788540018

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