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At the annual EXPLORE Seminar

They told us not to look like a line-up…

They told us not to look like a line-up…

The Explore weekend is always awesome - not just because I come away feeling re-motivated and re-inspired to do more and be better, but also because it is often the one and only chance each year to catch up with some friendly faces from the expedition community (as well as to meet with some new ones).

This year was no exception. I enjoyed being on the Polar Panel alongside Steve Jones, Martin Hartley, Claire Grogan and Denise Martin. It was a particular treat to finally meet Denise who I have heard so much about thanks to all her legendary polar guiding but have never actually met before.

It was interesting that this year, unlike previous years, the panel was asked more about Russia/Siberia and Greenland/Arctic Europe than it was about the High Arctic and Antarctica.