School Talks and Workshops

From Australia to Finland, the UK to Singapore, dozens of schools have invited Felicity to provide a talk or workshop about Polar Regions, Science or Exploring for their students as an exciting addition to Science Weeks, Prefect Training, Sixth Form Studies, Prize-giving Ceremonies, Inter-school Conferences and end of term activity weeks.

The buzz of excitement and conversation that has been reported to me during the afternoon is truly wonderful ... you really have made an impact.
— Walderslade Girls' School

Whatever the event or the age of your students, Felicity can provide an outstanding stand-alone talk or a longer, themed workshop that will engage, inform and enthuse.

Talks can be designed to fit the time frame available and to address subjects ranging from 'Science in Antarctica' and 'Life as an Explorer' to 'Aspirations' and self motivation. All talks are accompanied by audio and visual material but many are also highly interactive, allowing students to try expedition clothing, rations and equipment for themselves.

For a more in depth look at subjects such as Polar Science, Climate Change, Leadership and Becoming an Explorer, Felicity provides school workshops. The workshops can be held in a normal sized classroom and timed to fit around the school's scheduled breaks and timetable to ensure minimum disruption to the school day. Felicity provides all the materials for the workshop and, if required,  can supply education resources for an extended study in advance of the workshop to turn a one-off event into a longer project.

To discuss a future talk or workshop at your school or college, please get in touch with Felicity directly.

Kindly note that Felicity regrets she is only able to give a limited number of gratis talks per year and only to schools with which she has developed a close association over a number of years.

You were an amazing triumph and we couldn’t have wished for a more perfect role model - outstanding in every way.
— Abbots Bromley School
Every member of my prefect team commented on their appreciation for your address above all others.
— Royal High School Bath
I sometimes feel that I need to prime the students to ask questions, but with your excellent presentation the questions kept pouring out.
— Bethany School
Thank you for a fantastically inspiring presentation to our Young Leaders ... your account of your journey taught them so much about courage, endurance, and what true leadership means.
— Girls' Day School Trust

Sample Talks and Workshops

Leadership Workshop

The idea of a Polar Expedition is used as a basis to explore the role and responsibility of a leader and to develop techniques of leadership. Students are split into small expedition teams and invited to organise their own (imaginary) polar expedition. Starting with the search for sponsorship, the teams are presented with a series of scenarios, each designed to highlight a particular leadership issue ranging from communication to integrity. Students take it in turns to fill the leadership role and to discuss their thoughts with the group after each activity.

Talk: Living in Antarctica

Living in Antarctica.jpg

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to stand in the coldest place on Earth or to live without the sun for months on end? Packed with stunning images, this presentation creates a tangible impression of what it is like to live and work in Antarctica. Sharing her own experiences, Felicity describes life on an Antarctic Research Station, completely isolated from the rest of the world for 7 months of the year - the wildlife, the scenery, and the science. Felicity provides a clear explanation of the research being undertaken in Antarctica and why it is globally important that this science is allowed to continue.

Workshop or Talk: Pole of Cold - A Journey to Chase Winter

'What does winter mean to you?' This was the question that Felicity and her team sought to answer as they travelled more than 35,000km from the UK across Scandinavia and Siberia in a Land Rover Defender. Using images, stories, film footage and sounds gathered during the expedition, Felicity describes the people and places the team experienced as they headed into some of the most extreme winter climates in the world including the Pole of Cold, the coldest inhabited place on the planet where temperatures plummeted to almost -60C. What is the best form of transport when it is so cold that fuel becomes solid? How cold does it have to be before children stop going to school? And is it possible to hear your own breath freeze....?

Talk: Aspirations

Whatever our background and situation, each of us has our own personal aspirations but not all of us turn those ambitions into reality. In 2005 Felicity's aspiration was to take part in the Polar Challenge, a 360-mile endurance race across Arctic Canada. Before her 3-women team could start the race they had to become fitter than they ever thought possible, learn new and complex skills, bond together as an efficient unit and raise enough money to cover the race costs. This illustrated presentation is not just a tale of adventure but a demonstration of how clear goal-setting, the right attitude and perseverance can help everyone achieve their own life targets.

... your presentation has given the boys a far greater appreciation of the conditions and the environmental issues involved in visiting Antarctica.
— Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys
The talk transported our girls wonderfully into the Antarctic environment and gave them a really vibrant view of what life there is like and of the important work that goes on there.
— Cheltenham Ladies College
The Leadership Workshop was excellent; it enabled students to experience the challenge of being real leaders.
— Highsted Grammar School