Speaking for business

For more than a decade Felicity has been regularly invited by some of the biggest companies in the world to share her insight on themes that are as relevant to business as they are to polar exploration.

Felicity delivered perfectly and attendees loved it
— Microsoft

Through leading and organising expeditions, Felicity has gained a wealth of experience at creating, training and working with high performance teams, of all varieties, in high-stress situations and has an established reputation for effective leadership and team management.Drawing on the trials and triumphs of her past expeditions, Felicity uses her presentations to provide a fresh and insightful look at leadership, teamwork, goal-setting and diversity. Motivation is only the very tip of the iceberg. Felicity has been invited to provide insight on a range of themes including:

  • Resilience and adapting to change

  • Creating high-performance teams

  • Leadership under pressure

  • Harnessing diversity

  • Self-Leadership

  • Leading virtual / long-distance teams

In addition, Felicity is an experienced chair-person for conferences and discussion panels.If you would like to discuss a presentation at a forthcoming event, please get in touch with Felicity directly or through an established speakers agency such as The London Speakers Bureau.

Felicity managed to captivate a multi-cultural and diverse audience whilst delivering key and inspiring messages...a perfect tailor made speech where all participants find something to go home with.
— Millicom International Cellular
You told a truly remarkable story, in an incredibly personal and accessible way - a true inspiration to all of us. I’ve already received a number of praises for your performance...the delegates were captivated.
— BAE Systems
Your messages truly resonated with our audience and their level of engagement was clearly illustrated by the number of questions asked
— Goldman Sachs
I have been in banking now for over 25 years, and have seen many styles and techniques in management, but I can say that I now have a few new thoughts to add to the mix, so thank you.
— Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank